I take B complex vitamins regularly, and I can say that after switching to this one, within a few days there is a big difference in my energy level mid afternoon.

Miracle pills!

I love these Hip and Bone Supplements. My dog is an 18 year old rotti. she could not walk, she couldn't get up on her own without help. she needed help to stand up to do her business outside. if you didn't help her her legs would collapse to the ground. I was so sad I thought it was over for her because her hips were not working (hip dysplasia) she stayed in the same spot all day. I thought I would give these pills a try. I gave her 2 Hip and Bone Supplements every morning. I could not believe how fast and how much they helped her. It has only been a week today and she can get up on her own she's walking around the house without help and is able to do her business outside without any (help) leg support. I really didn't think the pills would help her much but they did and I'm happy for that. I will continue to give her these Hip and Bone Supplements for the rest of her life. Thank you so much for making Eve's life so much easier.

I really like that this whole food B complex is free from most allergens as I have a lot of food allergies and I am vegan so I feel comfortable taking this vitamin. Easy to swallow - not hard on the stomach and I feel a bit more energetic from getting all my B's!

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